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Workshops & Retreats

We strive to bring you workshops and retreats that intrigue you, excite you, and challenge you to dig deeper into your practice.


Yoga Loft 40 Day Challenge

Begins Sunday, January 7, 2018!

The 40 Day Yoga Challenge is a fun, dynamic way to deepen your practice and meet a wonderful group of like-minded people.
Unlimited yoga for 40 days and 7 exclusive workshops

The incredible opportunity to see how yoga
can change your life!

Choose your very own schedule of classes every week!
We meet every Sunday from 2pm to 3:30pm!

Can’t wait to see you in class!!

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Yoga for Beginners

There will be no class April 1st. Last Session will be April 8th, 2018.

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The Science of Downward Dog

and Intro to The Connected Body Workshops in March!
Saturday, Feb. 17, 11:45-1:00

The Yoga Loft welcomes Yoga Therapist Sarah Garden from Regina!
Do you want to get more out of your downward dog?
Learn the mechanics of this pose and deepen your practice.
Simple adjustments and tips will connect your core,
build more strength, and allow greater ease in the posture.

Join Sarah for this mini-workshop that preludes The Connected Body Major Workshops March 17 & 18

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Yoga Shred Yoga Loft

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The Connected Body at Yoga Loft

Do you keep spot treating your aches and pains? Do you enjoy yoga, going to the gym, or other movement practices but end up hurting after or wondering if you are doing it right? The Connected Body Workshop Series will help you connect the dots to understand your body better. Learn how to improve your lower back and shoulder pain by working on your feet. Learn how changing your breathing patterns can release your shoulder tension. Learn how to safely and easily strengthen and support your back and so much more. Connect and align your body, move with greater ease, strength and support, and let your pain go. Even though these workshops are offered as individual stand alone practices it is highly recommended that you attend the whole series to make whole body connections!

“Building your Movement Foundation” – Your feet are the foundation of your movement. Their mobility, alignment, and strength affects your whole body. Make connections between your lower body alignment to your pelvis, mid back, neck and shoulders. This workshop is highly recommended to help build the alignment for the rest of the body.

“Pelvic and Core Foundation” – This workshop will establish the foundation of your core strength and stability through a well aligned and stable pelvis and pelvic floor. Learn the fundamentals and discover why without mobility and strength in your hips and pelvis your whole core will not function well.

“Beyond your Core” – Do you ever feel like your lower back and core aren’t up for the challenge? This workshop will cover the fundamentals of your core alignment and strength and move beyond the basics to help you better understand how to move with greater ease and less pain.

“Soften your Shoulders and Release your Neck” – In this workshop we will cover how your breath, your ribcage mobility, and alignment are contributing to upper back, neck and shoulder tension. Begin to unravel the tightness and treat the tightness and treat your chronic neck, shoulder, wrist and hand pain.

– 4 Sessions

– 3 Hours (each session)

Saturday, March 17th – Workshop #1 9am-12:00pm Workshop #2 1:30pm-4:30pm

Sunday, March 18th – Workshop #3 9am-12:00pm Workshop #4 1:30pm-4:30pm

Price: $60 for single Workshops

$199 For all workshops

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