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Workshops & Retreats

We strive to bring you workshops and retreats that intrigue you, excite you, and challenge you to dig deeper into your practice.


Chris Mealing 10 week Sessions at Yoga Loft

The NeuroMovement 10 week session with Chris Mealing

Whether it is a chronic pain, reduced mobility a neurological condition, or even an athlete looking to enhance their performance, Chris is committed to helping people find solutions to their problems, using ABM (Anat Baniel NeuroMovement® Method.)
ABM is a cutting-edge, science-based NeuroMovement® approach that has helped tens of thousands of people eliminate pain by focusing on the “secret” behind all pain—the brain. Almost always, pain is the result of faulty and thus limiting movement.

Through gentle & innovative movement lessons, ABM, quickly wakes up the brain, to form new patterns that eliminate body pain and increase strength, flexibility and coordination.

This approach has helped to restore and improve physical, cognitive and emotional functions for people of all ages and conditions. It can improve performance and overall endurance in the physically active, and help everyone stay heathy and functional!

NeuroMovement has helped those who suffer from:

Chronic back, shoulder, hip, knee and back pain
Repetitive stress injury
Pain and loss of mobility from injury, surgery or trauma.
Neurological challenges associated with Stroke, Parkinson’s, Mutiple Sclerosis etc.)
Balance and coordination issues
Limitation and recovery from injury and surgery
Symptoms assocaited wth aging/mobility
Migraine headaches

Each Group Lesson centres around a specific function or movement skill eg: twisting, bending, balancing, standing up, rolling, etc. and the lessons build on one another to bring about profound improvements in flexibility and coordination.
In these Group Lessons, Chris will be verbally guiding you. These lessons are gentle, safe and easy to follow, yet the outcomes can be dramatic.

The exercises are structured and taught in such a way that people of all ages and abilities can participate and learn at their own pace.

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Super Saturday Yoga Loft

Super Saturday Yoga Clinic with Mei-ling

With great feed back we are having another Yoga Clinic! An informal conversation about your yoga practice and more specifically what poses aren’t working for you!

An opportunity to breakdown any barriers that are preventing you from practicing that one pose and an opportunity for you to get the most out your asana’s.

The conversation will be light, informative and all about accessing more possibility and peace in your physical yoga practice and we’ll be learning together from one another!

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Women’s Mini Retreat w/ Jessie

October 20, 2018

Jessie's Mini Retreat Yoga Loft

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Yoga Loft Super Saturday October

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Are you an animal lover?

Come to the Yoga Loft to help support the Humane Society with Paws For Pledges! This class welcomes the community for a FREE class with a minimum $5 donation with 100% of the proceeds going to Paws for Pledges!

This is an ALL levels Yoga class, gentle, relaxing and going to a great cause!

Paws For Pledges at the Yoga Loft

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